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  • The Golden section - the Number
    The golden section is also called the golden ratio, the golden mean and Phi.

    Two more pages look at its applications in Geometry: first in flat (or two dimensional) geometry and then in the solid geometry of three dimensions.
    • Geometry and the Golden section or Fantastic Flat Facts about Phi
      See some of the unexpected places that the golden section (Phi) occurs in Geometry and in Trigonometry: pentagons and decagons, paper folding and Penrose Tilings where we phind phi phrequently!
      • An auxiliary page on Exact Trig Values for Simple Angles explores the many places that Phi and phi occur when we try to find the exact values of the sines, cosines and tangents of simple angles like 36° and 54°.
    • The Golden Geometry of Solids or Phi in 3 dimensions
      The golden section occurs in the most symmetrical of all the three-dimensional solids - the Platonic solids. What are the best shapes for fair dice? Why are there only 5?

    The next pages are about the numbers Phi = 1·61803.. and phi = 0·61803... and their properties.
    • Phi's Fascinating Figures - the Golden Section number
      All the powers of Phi are just whole multiples of itself plus another whole number. Did you guess that these multiples and the whole numbers are, of course, the Fibonacci numbers again? Each power of Phi is the sum of the previous two - just like the Fibonacci numbers too.
      • Introduction to Continued Fractions
        is an optional page that expands on the idea of a continued fraction (CF) introduced in the Phi's Fascinating Figures page.
      • There is also a Continued Fractions Converter (a web page - needs no downloads or special plug-is) to change decimal values, fractions and square-roots into and from CFs.
      • This page links to another auxiliary page on Simple Exact Trig values such as cos(60°)=1/2 and finds all simple angles with an exact trig expression, many of which involve Phi and phi.
    • Phigits and Base Phi Representations
      We have seen that using a base of the Fibonacci Numbers we can represent all integers in a binary-like way. Here we show there is an interesting way of representing all integers in a binary-like fashion but using only powers of Phi instead of powers of 2 (binary) or 10 (decimal).
The Golden String The golden string is also called the Infinite Fibonacci Word or the Fibonacci Rabbit sequence . There is another way to look at Fibonacci's Rabbits problem that gives an infinitely long sequence of 1s and 0s called the Golden String:- 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 ...
This string is a closely related to the golden section and the Fibonacci numbers.
  • Fibonacci Rabbit Sequence
    See show how the golden string arises directly from the Rabbit problem and also is used by computers when they compute the Fibonacci numbers. You can hear the Golden sequence as a sound track too.
    The Fibonacci Rabbit sequence is an example of a fractal - a mathematical object that contains the whole of itself within itself infinitely many times over.
Fibonacci - the Man and His Times
  • Who was Fibonacci?
    Here is a brief biography of Fibonacci and his historical achievements in mathematics, and how he helped Europe replace the Roman numeral system with the "algorithms" that we use today.
    Also there is a guide to some memorials to Fibonacci to see in Pisa, Italy.
More Applications of Fibonacci Numbers and Phi